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Poison Ivy Punch

Create a drink only true super heroes can handle!







lime Kool-Aid
favorite beverage (white grape juice, apple juice, lemon-lime soda, etc)
green food coloring

plastic ivy from a craft store


Before the party, purchase plastic ivy from a craft store, and cut it into pieces.

Then, make some lime Kool-Aid® and pour it into ice cube trays. Add a piece of ivy to each ice cube compartment and freeze.

On the party day, add green food coloring to your child’s favorite beverage (white grape juice, apple juice and lemon-lime soda work well.)

When it’s time to serve the punch, add a few poisoned cubes to each child’s glass. Your guests will be delighted with this dangerously fun drink!
Submitted by Jeff on Wednesday, November 24 2004

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